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Based in Humboldt County California, Six Rivers Development LLC,(SRD) Specializes in Rural, Agricultural, Timber, and Ranchland Sales, Acquisitions, and Management.

Originally formed in 2015, SRD provided clients with project management services navigating complex land use issues to gain permitting and approvals for California Cannabis Agricultural Operations.

In addition to providing project management services for our clients, SRD also provided clients with licensed farm management services such as, Farm Labor Contracting, Workforce Transportation, and Agricultural Pest Application, Management, and Safety. 

Today, we have adapted our approach to providing services. We have gained valuable experience from our past, as it has ultimately shaped the direction of our future and the services we currently offer.

As the focus of our services has changed, our approach and commitment to our clients remains the same.

Our approach is to gain an intimate understanding of each of our clients needs.


We want to understand the dream or vision from start to finish,


and we want to plug ourselves into that vision to help make it become a reality.

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