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Officially formed in 2015, Six Rivers Development LLC(SRD) has been providing farm management services to our clients in the California Cannabis Industry for over 15 years.


Based in Humboldt County California, SRD was initially formed to acquire land and develop sustainable low environmental impact cannabis farms as “turn-key” solutions to investors. Since the formation of the company we have assumed the operations and management of multiple farms, and have submitted applications for County and State licensing on our clients behalf.


Farms designed and developed by SRD are built for longevity. With the wealth of knowledge and experience our company has developed over the years we know what works and what doesn't. County and State permitting, planning and engineering, farm consulting, and labor requirements are all part of our approach to doing it right the first time through.


We want our clients to be successful, and we offer a broad spectrum of services to help meet your goals.

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With over twenty (20) years experience in the cultivation of cannabis, SRD has worked with countless farmers and has developed from those experiences a comprehensive understanding of methodology and management procedures as pertains to the medical cannabis industry.


Consulting starts from the ground up and covers a variety of aspects involving the farm. Our approach is to work directly with our clients to address their current needs as pertains to the development and operations of their farm. SRD finds a commonality among complaints is poor management, whether in regards to utilizing resources in a sustainable way, or break downs in labor relations and production. SRD’s knowledge in the industry can help our clients navigate ways to operate more efficiently to reach their production goals.



SRD’s experience with cultivating medical cannabis has provided the opportunity to develop the skills needed through trial and error. With the knowledge and years perfecting these skills we are able to assess property for the ideal areas to develop cannabis farms and resolve issues and shortcomings of existing projects .


Our planning assessment takes into account numerous factors, for instance the relevance of the purposed development location to a creek bed or stream, average rain fall and temperature for the area, current zoning and licensing eligibility, financial planning and budgeting, and what the customer wants from the farm (i.e. production goals, organic farm, conventional farm, multi-harvest farm, functionality etc.). These factors are important from the planning stance to develop the farms design, a design that is truly custom tailored to each of our clients’ individual needs.


SRD provides a comprehensive management program which consists of multiple teams assigned to specific tasks. Each team has a designated team leader which works directly with the customer to achieve their production goals. As the customers’ needs change so can the management approach of the farm. It’s this adaptive approach to management that SRD prides itself on.


The implementation of various monitoring procedures and onsite supervision provide for accountability and insure provided labor services are being performed efficiently. 

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