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Our approach is to work directly with our clients to address their current needs pertinent to the sales, acquisition, and development of their investment properties.

We act as an agent on behalf of our clients to pool resources from the local community and perform the necessary due diligence on potential sales and or investment opportunities.

Our knowledge of local land use allowances, building and development permitting processes and requirements are all included in our approach to sourcing and verifying opportunities for our clients.

We leverage our relationships in the local community to provide professional assistance to contracted clients.

Contract with a Six Rivers

Executive Agent:

  • Project Management

  • Due Diligence

  • Professional Services

  • Project Coordination



As a California Licensed Real Estate Professional, Real Estate Agent, REALTOR.,

We assist our clients with sales and acquisitions of rural ,agricultural, timber, and ranchland properties in

Northern California.

Our intimate knowledge of the surrounding area and community is a valuable resource when it comes providing Real Estate Professional Services for our contracted clients.

Contract with a Six Rivers

Real Estate Professional:

  • Land Sales

  • Land Acquisitions

  • Property Identification

  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Real Estate Photography

  • Project Management

  • Property Management


SRD provides a comprehensive pest management program which consists of education and safety.

Development and implementation of a strategy with a focus on limiting adverse economic impacts from unwanted pest and diseases to crops is of paramount importance.

Early detection and identification of plant pests and diseases is imperative. 


We utilize a combination of cultural, mechanical, and chemical controls in our approach of providing effective pest management for our clients.

Contract with a Six Rivers

Pest Management Professional:

  • Pesticide Application

  • Pest and Disease Identification

  • Pesticide Safety



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