Six Rivers Development offers a comprehensive approach to farm operations and management. We provide financial management as well as facilitate on site operations for clients we contract with. Our custom tailored operations and management plan is designed to work with the individual needs of our clients. Below is a description of management services we provide.



As a licensed California Farm Labor Contractor which can legally provide services to meet our clients labor demands. Farm labor provided to our clients are trained and certified in accordance with California regulations regarding cannabis workers. Management and coordination of labor is the most important component of successful crop production.


We work directly with our clients to establish an operational budget and track all expenses associated with the cultivation and production of the crop. We also interface with the State of California's Track and Trace Program for monitoring sales and distribution of the crop. Our in-house bookkeeping and tax specialists prepare our clients profit and loss statement and itemized deductions for yearly tax filings.


Our management team is well versed in the daily operations of the farm and we use responsible farming practices with a focus on environmental preservation. SRD tracks the usage of water, fertilizer, and pesticides used in the production of the crop and provides the monitoring report yearly to State regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients.



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